Outlier – Revolutionary cyclewear

Project Description

Revolutionary cyclewear

The future of cyclewear


Working with Matt, CEO at Outlier, We brought his ideas and colour schemes to life in the form of 12 vibrant cycle jerseys.

The main bulk of the Outlier visual identity was previously set and it was our job to grow the brand a little further using our product visualisation and mock up skills!

We experimented with colour tones and placement of assets ( logo, badge and contrast tags ) until we reached the ideal solution.

In total 12 palette variations of this single jersey design were delivered.

We hope to work with Matt and the Outlier team again in 2018 on some further designs and to grow the brand even further.

Until then, feast your eyes on these!



Do you have a brand or product to launch in 2018? We are all ears!


Project Details

  • DateNovember 2017
  • ClientsOutlier Cycle Wear