MBM Group – Royal Family Office – Dubai

Project Description

Established in 2006, MBM Group is a Dubai based Royal family office and investment holding company with activities in investments, strategic advisory and social and community development.

Box88 was tasked to create a new, clean, professional, luxurious brand and visual ID for MBM Group in the summer of 2014. We went to work and compiled a vast amount of research on the Arab culture and nation. Researching colour palettes and meanings, ways of living and also the nations direction and growth.

A stylised falcon was designed and developed into a colour, overseeing the red, green, white, black of the UAE flag.

The falcon is seen as the national bird of the UAE and a protector of the land.

7 stars were also included in order to represent the wealth and luxury of the nation. Many hotels in Dubai reach the 7 star status. A step above the traditional 5 star rating.

A variation of logos were created for print, Standard and gold foil printing, as well as digital use for website and social media platforms.

A 4 peice stationery package was also designed compelling of an oversized A4 folder, A4 letterhead, matching envelope and of course the foil printed double sided business card for the MBM staff.

Thank You to all at MBM Group and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Project Details

  • DateJune 2014
  • ClientsMBM Group - Dubai