Masquerade Magazine – Luxury Lifestyle & Living

Project Description

Masquerade Magazine is a luxurious themed publication main distributed around the UAE. Featuring articles on fashion, lifestyle and luxury living.

We took the raw files giving to use by the team at Masquerade and turned them into a professional 160page magazine for both print and online distribution. The magazine included pre-design ads from brands such as Versace, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

We were provided with a set of brand guidelines which had to be obeyed at all costs to ensure consistency of the Masquerade brand and also unite with previous issues. We create everything from cover to cover including masthead and article layouts.

The Magazine runs quarterly and we hope to work on upcoming issues with the team and strengthen our relationship with the team in the UAE.


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Project Details

  • DateDecember 2016
  • ClientsMasquerade Magazine