The Economic Impact of PVAMU

Project Description

The Economic Impact of PVAMU. Ever had a report that consists of pages and pages of boring text? Needing a visual boost? Well, thats exactly what we did for PVAMU and their economic impact document.

Prairie View delivered to us a 8 page word document titled “The Economic Impact of PVAMU” containing key information and stats on their impact on the Texas state. We went to work and turned it into a visual 16page booklet using their brand typography, colours and visual elements.

The 16 page booklet contains information relating to 3 areas. Waller County, The Greater Houston Region and Texas as an entire State.

Remarkably, Prairie View A&M University are responsible for over $300Million in direct benefit to Texas as a state, Including 576 Full-time jobs annually.

As this is  the highlights document, we have a larger, in-depth document to complete which will consist of around 80 pages when complete! Look out for that in the near future..

You can see further work for PVAMU here: Brand & Visual ID Guidelines


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Project Details

  • DateApril 2017
  • ClientsPVAMU