Cost of Living – Infographic

Project Description

The cost of living in the UK is on the rise and constantly scrutinised, But how does it compare around the world. Well, let’s take a look!

We compiled an extensive amount of research on the cost of living around the world. Creating a clean and clear infographic presenting the vast differences in cost.

A standard Mcdonalds meal in the Ukraine will cost you under £2, However the same meal in Angola would cost you a staggering £13+.

How far will a single £1 really get you? Not too far in the UK but in Vietnam you could expect to get yourself 3 pairs of flip flops for your £1.

We collected and illustrated a variety of cost comparisons from around the world for clients, Property Turkey, as part of a recent cost of living campaign.

It was a pleasure!

Project Details

  • DateDecember 2016
  • ClientsProperty Turkey