We are a fully loaded Graphic Design team based in bonnie Dundee, Scotland.

We've been solving design problems with simple yet effective solutions for over 10 years. Specialising in Graphic Design & Company Branding.

So what can we help you with?

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is our bread and butter, what we do on a daily basis. From a simple sketchbook doodle to a fully polished concept. We can take care of you from start to finish and bring those ideas to life!


Branding is the buzzword of recent years it seems. Everyone wants that stand out, sleek brand image and we love to be a part of that! Creating a brand and watching it grow gives us that warm fuzzy feeling!

Social Media

Social Media isn’t just for those cool teenage kids! It can be a very successful and free marketing tool for any sized business. We can help you make an impact with a variety of techniques and campaigns.

Outlier – Revolutionary cyclewear

branding design identity

CarersUK.org – Make Connections, Get Support

branding design infographic typography

Street Child United – Moscow World Cup 2018

branding design identity

The Economic Impact of PVAMU

branding design

Masquerade Magazine – Luxury Lifestyle & Living

design print typography

Cost of Living – Infographic

illustration infographic

MBM Group – Royal Family Office – Dubai

branding design identity stationary

PVAMU – Brand and Visual Identity guidelines

branding design identity

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We are Box88, Founded by Dundee born designer Allan Phin in 2015. We are a small yet efficient Graphic Design team and proud! But Hold up right there, We go back way further than 2015. We’ve been solving design problems since 2010 and ain’t stopping now!

We work with clients from all over the world each week. From small business start-ups to fully fledged money makers! Whether its just a lingering idea or a fully mapped plan of action. We’d love to hear it and help bring it to life!

Our superpowers lie within Graphic Design and include Branding, Brochures, Flyer and Magazine Layout.